Angelica Guerrero

Memorial Scholarship and Fund

"The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone."  ~George Elliot
Thank you for your prayers and support.

The Angelica Guerrero Memorial Scholarship and Fund

Angelica Guerrero’s heroism is inspirational. On June 1, 2011, Angelica lost her life as she saved her daughter Ibone from a tornado’s devastation. Angelica bravely shielded Ibone with her own body as all three floors of her West Springfield home collapsed. In the words of Police Chief Thomas Burke, "There is no doubt that her actions saved the life of her daughter."


A committed wife and mother of two girls, Ibone (age 15) and Fabiola (age 18), Angelica worked tirelessly in order to create a better life for her children. Her sacrifice is the ultimate gift. Please help us pick up where Angelica left off.

The focus of this fundraiser is to provide for the education of Angelica’s daughters through a scholarship with the Holyoke Community College Foundation (HCC), where Fabiola currently attends. Donations made to HCC by check will defer the educational expenses of Angelica’s two daughters. The majority of donations made by PayPal will be deposited into the HCC Scholarship, and a portion will be devoted to deferring the immediate expenses of the Guerrero family, which has lost everything.


Help us lift up Angelica’s spirit. A monetary donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated. Every penny will be deposited into the Angelica Guerrero Memorial Scholarship and Fund. 

There are several ways to donate:

#1) Click on the Donate button on this website to donate via Paypal;

#2) Send a check directly to the HCC Foundation at 303 Homestead Avenue, Holyoke, MA 01040 (check memo "Angelica Guerrero Fund")

#3) Donate online at Holyoke Community College Foundation's Website (Specify Angelica Guerrero Memorial Scholarship Fund in the drop-down menu:

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